My name is Tommy Maloney, I am all about serving you and helping out kids who have or are going through a divorce. In my past I watched my parents’ marriage dissolve right in front of my eyes. I was 5 years old at the time and ironically so was my son when I was asked for a divorce. I want to help dads understand that the days of getting a pack of smokes and not coming back is a thing of the past. Today it is so vital that we as men, we as dads stay connected with OUR kids. My current book, dad coaching and my workshops can help lead you to a pathway of a better relationship with your kids.


Our business is very unique and when I say “our” it is truly a family business here at Tommy Maloney International.  When you click on the products link you will not only see my book “25 Tips for Divorced Dads: How to create special memories and grow your bonds with your children” also we have a kids coloring book written by kids for kids titled “Ten Tips On How To Survive Your Parents Divorce.”  The coloring book we co-authored by Connor and his “bonus” sister Becca.   My wife is also a speaker in her own right. We  do a workshop based on the book “Love, Limits & Lessons” by Bill Corbett, that deals with how to raise happier and healthy kids.   Please contact our office for a availability to schedule  coaching or a workshop.

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